Eye Care for Special Needs in Austin, Texas

We are the leading provider of eye care for special needs in Austin for patients with a wide range of disabilities, including Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, communication disorders, and concomitant impairments. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is dedicated to helping each patient achieve optimal visual function and independence through personalized care and support.

Dr. Miller has worked for over 25 years with patients who have special needs and delights in ensuring that her patients feel happy and cared for. She enjoys providing eye health and vision care for them and knows that helping them achieve their best vision will allow them to grow, learn skills, and work toward independence.

Down syndrome

People with Down syndrome often experience vision problems such as refractive errors, strabismus, and cataracts, which can impact their ability to learn and communicate effectively. We offer a range of diagnostic and treatment services to address these issues and help individuals with Down syndrome optimize their visual function.

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a complex condition that can affect many aspects of a person’s life, including their vision. Common vision problems associated with TBI include blurred or double vision, difficulty with eye movements, and sensitivity to light. Our experts are trained to diagnose and treat these and other vision problems associated with TBI, helping patients regain visual function and improve their quality of life.

Communication disorders

Communication disorders are a group of disorders that affect an individual’s ability to communicate with others. These disorders can affect speech, language, voice, fluency, and social communication. Communication disorders can affect people of all ages, and they can range from mild to severe. Our team is trained to provide comprehensive vision evaluations for people with communication disorders.

Concomitant impairments

Concomitant impairments, such as hearing loss, mobility issues, and cognitive impairment, can all impact an individual’s visual function and quality of life. Our specialists provide personalized care and support to address these and other concomitant impairments, helping patients achieve optimal visual function and independence.

In addition to our comprehensive eye health and vision care services, we also offer a range of support and resources to help individuals with disabilities and their families navigate the challenges of daily life. From education and advocacy to social services and community resources, our team provides the care and support needed to help each patient reach their full potential.

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