In today’s digital age, screens have become a constant presence in our children’s lives. As parents, it’s natural to wonder about the effects of excessive screen time on our child’s eye health. Let’s take a look at how screen time affects children’s eyes and how you can keep their eyes healthy. 

1. Digital eye strain 

Extended periods of screen time can lead to a condition known as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Symptoms may include dry eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches, and neck or shoulder pain. Encouraging regular breaks and the 20-20-20 rule (looking away from the screen every 20 minutes at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds) can help alleviate these symptoms and reduce eye strain. 

2. Myopia development 

Research suggests that extended periods of near work, such as reading or using screens, may contribute to myopia (nearsightedness). While the relationship between screen time and myopia is not yet fully understood, it is essential to encourage children to take breaks and engage in outdoor activities to maintain good eye health. If your child is diagnosed with myopia, myopia management services can help slow down the progression of the condition and help your child avoid serious eye health issues later in life.  

3. Blue light exposure 

Digital screens emit blue light, which can disrupt sleep patterns and potentially impact eye health. Limiting screen time before bedtime and using blue light filters or glasses can help minimize the impact of blue light on your child’s eyes. 

4. Proper ergonomics 

Encourage your child to maintain proper posture and eye-to-screen distance while using digital devices. Make sure screens are positioned at eye level to reduce strain on their neck and eyes. Remind them to take short breaks, stretch, and look away from the screen every 20 minutes to rest their eyes. 

5. Regular eye exams 

Regular pediatric eye exams are essential for monitoring your child’s eye health and catching any potential issues early on. Make sure to schedule comprehensive eye exams for your child at least once a year. 

While screen time can have some negative effects on children’s eye health, taking preventive measures and encouraging good eye habits can help protect their vision. By following the tips outlined above and scheduling regular eye exams, you can ensure that your child maintains healthy eyes in the digital age. Contact us today to schedule your child’s eye exam and learn how you can protect your child’s eyes from the harmful effects of screen time.  

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